Briana Azier

Owner of Bri's Sweet Treats, MBA

Born and raised out of the ashes of the pandemic. Family owned business committed to giving back to the community.

Faith  |  Family  |  Community  |  Friends

Our story

A crafty, creative, fun and artistic mom, Bri Azier, owner of Bri's Sweet Treats, along with her 6 year old son Cole, decided to start making candy and treat boxes during Christmas, 2020 for their family, friends, and neighbors to brighten their spirits! After success and support from her community, Bri started posting pictures of their gifts on social media to make available for purchase.

During the pandemic, churches had closed. Bri and her twin Sister, Echo, saw a need to keep people connected with God and decided to start a Bible Study within their women's ministry. They chose to do a deep dive into their connection with being virtuous women, and what kept coming up was the concept of taking care of and providing for your family with the skills and talents that you already have.

If you're not giving then you're not living!

At Bri’s Sweet Treats, giving back is who we are! We are consistently looking for ways that we can make a larger impact with our treats, time or monetary donations.

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Children’s Business Fair Burncoat Arts & Wellness

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